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Vampires are real. They hunt and prey on humans every night. They consider humanity beneath them, but there are those who fight them. These men and women are Hunter$, because killing Vampires is big business (and business is good!)

The Game

Hunter$ is a minimalist and rules light Breathless game about killing Vampires for profit in the modern day.

Game Features:

  • Rules that allow you to focus on the story, and leave  a lot of narrative control in the hands of the players
  • Play one of Seven professions, each with their own special Talent. You can be a Badge, a Criminal, a Priest, a Reporter, a Scientist, a Soldier or a Survivor
  • Rules for Associations, groups of Hunter$ who work together, and the special Benefit each one offers characters who join them.
  • Stats for three types of Vampires that exist, along with some adventure snapshots to let you get hunting right away!
  • Easy to print PDF so you can be up and running in minutes!


    Writing and Design by Gerry Saracco

    Cover art by Gary Dupuis

    Interior Art by:  Brett Neufeld, Gary Dupuis, Jacob Blackmon,  JeShields, Skortched Urf’ Studios, Teresa Guido, Zsuzsa Fige 

    Publisher’s Choice Quality Stock Art © Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin Games


    Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

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    Hunter$_CS.pdf 414 kB
    Hunter$_Breathless.pdf 12 MB
    Hunter$_Breathless (Spreads).pdf 12 MB
    Hunter$_CS_Color.pdf 2 MB

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